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Reuters: Armed Conflict in Sri Lanka

September 22 - 2012

Sri Lanka – Despite the official aggreement that ended the Sri Lankan civil war between the goverment and the LTTE in May 2009, sporadic fighting has continued in several Tamil territories. Last week the general area of Minuwangoda on the country’s western coast became the theatre of an unprecedented battle. Several armed groups that goverment officials have recognised as Tamil insurgents attacked 7 different train stations and the local airport.
The fighting went on through the night of the 18th into the morning of the 19th when the insurgents retreated to the central highlands.
The local police and army regiments have officially announced 50 soldiers killed in the action and have estimated Tamil loses at 110 and civilian at 430.
Local witnesses report that the Tamil were enraged after the plundering of a Hindu holy site near Minuwangoda by unknown suspects.


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